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Ban Teacher's Unions to Increase Accountability

"Teaching is a special profession where unionization is actually COUNTER productive."



I'm sure the idea is making many readers fill with rage, however I'd hope these people will consider the facts before they jump to conclusions.


1. Teaching is one of the only professions where employee accountability is nearly impossible. There is virtually no way to chart a teacher's effectiveness, productivity, and motivation accurately. Teachers hate No Child Left Behind because it ties their ability to teach to the ability of a student to pass certain standards. This cuts right to the heart of the issue, that there is no way to measure a teacher's ability, especially not (completely) through the grades that their students are receiving.


2. The point of a union is to allow employees to band together to negotiate for more benefits, higher salary, protect employees from being fired, etc. However a union cannot bargain in good faith if the productivity, effectiveness, motivation of the employees in the union aren't up to par with their demands. There has to be accountability lest the employees gain too much power. This leads to lower overall productivity, protection of employees whose effectiveness is sub par, etc.


3. So then if teachers really don't believe the ability of their students to meet tests and standards speaks to their true ability as teachers (which it doesn't), then teachers cannot bargain as a union in good faith. The administrations they bargain do not have sufficient power to negotiate without the accountability of the teachers.


4. The obvious conclusion is to ban teachers unions, and do away with tenure. Teaching is a special profession where unionization is actually COUNTER productive (I'm not anti-union).


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