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Education Paradigm Shift

Do we not expect students to learn generally the same things? If so, why do we need expensive school boards for every town in the U.S.? In North Bergen, NJ the ASSISTANT Superintendent of Schools makes 1/4 million dollars and he's got two other government jobs.


Here's my plan: create standardized online courses that will be customized to the type of student (fast learner, college bound, etc.) and taught by the best educational minds in the country (this only has to be done once with minor yearly modifications but don't forget the entire country is using the same courses). Can you imagine the progress if we can get a rapper to deliver the content of the lessons to an inner city kid? We could even deliver it in another language while teaching English at the same time.


Finally, relegate teachers to the role of tutor where they can concentrate on teaching students on a one-to-one basis (can you imagine the benefit to our society of having such well-educated citizens?). The computer will tell the teacher exactly where help is needed. Eventually, the cost of teaching can be brought down through attrition (as the courses get better and better, there will be less need for fully trained teachers although human instruction will always be needed to a certain extent).


I don't think there is anyone other than unions who will object to this idea and then only because they fear losing their membership numbers. . .and power.


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