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Thank you to all who are following and participating in this OpenEducation discussion. The US Department of Education (ED) and other federal agencies are excited to present this forum and see a lively public debate.


We are indeed reading ideas and comments (see We will be doing so until March 17, the date when this discussion closes. At that time, ideas will be compiled and considered as ED develops our open government plan.


While we appreciate ideas about how to improve education, we are particularly interested in your thoughts around these questions:


1. What should be in our open government plan?

2. What data, documents, and information do you want online?

3. How is the quality of our published information?


Someone mentioned that questions 2 and 3 are not in the President's memo. That is correct. Those questions are derived from a December 8 memo from OMB. That memo directs agencies to ask citizens for ideas and to develop an open government plan. It's worth reading. It provides insight into what we and other agencies are doing, and why. (See it at


We decided to leave this forum wide open and not to steer it with particular questions. You can, however, see some of what ED has already done in an attempt to be more transparent and participatory:


Any thoughts on those efforts? For instance, which of those efforts do you see as most helpful or important?


Kirk and Jason

OpenEducation IdeaScale Moderators

U.S. Department of Education



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