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Financing Public Education

A liaison should be created between students of public education and the offices of Federal and State Departments such as NASA, CIA, FBI, BLM, etc.


The job of this liaison would be to take long standing problems of efficiency and productivity:

-prepare a presentation of the problem,

-prepare a grant proposal

-Finally: to disseminate this presentation to the schools to be evaluated by the students.


Academic Scholarships of varying dollar amounts would be awarded to the students who could solve these problems. The student should also have the option of taking that prize in cash, but at a reduced rate.


Part of education should be the actual production of value. This is currently done to an extent via the various corporate sponsored video contests, etc. however there is no reason the concept should be limited to the marketing industry.


An excellent example:


The Cooperative Work Experience programs should be further expanded even beginning as early as high school.


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