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How to Improve Our Schools

In order for us to become a more perfect union I think that the following should take place to improve out eduction system:

1. Let the teachers take control in their classrooms and stop overtesting.

2. Understand that not all children have the ability to achieve at the same rate of speed.

3. Special needs students should not always be placed in the regular classroom because it interferes with the education of the students who do have the ability to achieve. Unfortunately, many students are severly distracted by special needs students.

4. Get rid of teachers that are not good teachers.

5. Pay the teachers what they deserve. Face it, they are educators, parents, grandparents, referees, correctional officers, and counselors all wrapped into one job.

6. Find a way to deal with students who have discipline problems that interfere with with the education of majority of students.

7. Make sure that state governments do not take money away from school corporations that are successful and graduate their students.

8. Start school nationally after Labor Day. This would help with energy costs.

9. Require states to accept teaching liceseses from any state in the union.

10. Make sure that local polititians and the President visit schools from a variety of states and economical backgrounds.


Thanks so much for your time!



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