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Ideas for Schools

From my volunteer experience in public school I think these are things that should be considered to help the improvement of education:


-parents and children should have a neutral place to provide feedback on the school administration and teachers.

-communication via emails with parents from schools (our school still copies everything on colored paper)

-loosen up on the structured times for the day (scheduled restroom times and 15 minutes for one activity)

-provide better training opportunities and continuing education for teachers

-allow families and school as decide when the best age to start children in school, the structured age to grade correlation is not needed

-inclusion should not be to the detriment of ANY students

-food standards are really low, improve the food and food education at a young age, removing soda machines in cafeterias is not the solution, it's a small step


Just a couple areas that seem outdated/in need. There is a lot of room for improvement and that provides us with great opportunity if we move on it.


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