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Innovative Process / Mini Trade School Within High School

Please we beg of you, let our kids go to trade school for high school. By the time some kids get to high school they are already interested in computers, cars, sports, science, math and English. Take some of the European schools for an example, where kids high school education offers trade school quality education for those preparing for work and college.


The well rounded education is boring, there is too much homework and it's killing the creativity they may otherwise develop. I'm a parent and I want my weekends with my kids. I'm tired of all the excessive busy work piled on my kids. Not all kids will go to college despite our desire for them to. But even my kids who are advanced learners (reading pre-kindergarten) the way school is designed is enough to make anyone want to drop out. The advanced classes do no more than give more homework. And now we hear shop class will be dropped. Everything fun is being taken out of school.


We need to revitalize school and give it a whole new make over. Science club, for example, is ok, but what would be better is an entire curriculum aimed at the scientific mind for those who are interested. Those kids should be taking as many science classes as can be offered and kind of tailor the education to the individual in that way. If the kid leans toward art, tailor it to art. They can still take English and a variety of well rounded classes, but at this point high school is no more than a continuation of elementary school.


Revitalize high school. Let the little scientists emerge. Let the little artists emerge. Let the little musicians emerge. Let the kids get a trade school quality education. While a college degree is preferred in many areas for future productivity, it is not needed for kids who want to build cars, create new technology and paint. Do you understand? The way the system is set up currently, you are actually stifling the creativity pool. And I agree with many others about the no child left behind being a big flop. It should be renamed no child allowed to create.


On the subject of younger learners, I want to share an extraordinary video of a Japanese teacher whose goal with his kids for the year was to be happy. This is designed to inspire teachers and anyone in education working with kids directly or even indirectly. You have the most important jobs of all and I'm going to see to it your jobs become more innovative. Enjoy :)



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