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No Child Left Behind

There are not enough characters for me to tell all that is wrong with this, but I will do my best. First of all this so called document needs to be scrapped or several ammendments need to be added. My grandchildren are going through the same school system that my grown children went through. There is no way a teacher can provide a lesson plan that is compatible for the whole class the way it is. There are advanced, average, below average and behavior problem kids in a classroom. Who does the teacher leave out? I feel just as sorry for the teachers as I do the students. My granddaughter is in the 4th grade and only gets 4 subjects. When my daughter went thru this same school system she had 7 subjects in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. My son is 2yrs. older than my daughter and he had 6 subjects. My daughter was advanced placement and my son was in a learning disabilty class because he could not read. The only class he did not get was a foreign language. My daughter did. My grandchildren are not even getting an education that is equivalent to the education of there parents. This is a shame. You would think it would have improved by now. Parents need to be held accountable for there childrens actions, as it was in my day. There would be less drama with the parents and children if my state would install video cameras in the classrooms so both parties can see how they are acting. Separate the children in the classes they need to be in and the teachers can do there jobs efficiently. Another thing that disturbs me is the lack of disipline. If a child does not mind they give them a pill to make them sit down. Next I guess we will be giving them a pill for everything that goes wrong. I feel we are raising the next generation of drug abusers, because we are telling them they have no self control. Self control is taught, you are not born with it. That is where parents need to be held more accountable. Schools need to quit saying there needs to be more parental involvement. In my experience, they want you involved as long as you agree with them. They hear but they do not listen.



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