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Open Government Directive and the Department of Education

Thanks for all the ideas about ways to improve education!


We need your ideas on a specific set of questions.


The President has asked federal agencies to be more transparent, participatory, and collaborative. We are developing a plan for how to do that here at the U.S. Department of Education. We need your help.


We are looking for ideas on 3 questions:


* What should be in our open government plan?

* What data, documents, and information do you want online?

* How is the quality of our published information?


Your ideas will help inform the thinking that goes into the development our open government plan, which is due April 7. This discussion closes March 19. The sooner your ideas are posted, the better.


For background on this effort, a memorandum is available at


Kirk Winters and Jason Hoekstra

OpenEducation Moderators

U.S. Department of Education



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