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Part Time Education Workers

I work in a local communinity college. For the four years that I have worked at this college, I have basically did a full time job on a part time job basis.


There have been several times that my director approached the appropriate offices to ask that I be placed in a full time capacity so that I would have the time needed to complete the assigned work in the scheduled time alotments given, especially during quarterly reporting months.

Her answer has come back no/no response every time.


I feel like I am being exploited in my dedication to this work. I love the job that I do and am making a huge contribution to the success of the program for which I serve.


Recently a new helper has been hired, part time, in order to assist me with my duties, but there has never been a hurry or urgency to fill that need even though my workload has been overwhelming since I began working at this college.


I have a few complaints that I would like to air:

1) In four years I have only received 2 raises.


2) All part time workers are treated in most respects as non employees unless it is something directly related to the specific job title in which you serve.


3) I have no company benefits (insurance/retirment, etc.) for the time that I am devoting to the system and for the contribution that I am making to the success of the organization as a whole.


4) In my view,full time employees are no better than the part time ones, because we are usually doing the same type work in less the time and receiving much less pay for it, so full time should not be treated as if they deserve more than part time workers.


5) I am not included in annual professional development at the college unless it is required for my program position.


I feel that I should receive all the benefits that a full time worker receives even though I am a part time worker.

I do the same things everyday that a full time person does and I should be treated no differently.


In the education system, there should not be discrimination where benefits are concerned. All workers whether part time or full time should receive the same insurance/retirment/ benefits programs.


Some people prefer part time work and should not be penalized for that preference, neither exploited in it. It's time for a change!



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