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Provide resources for those homeschooling the highly gifted.

Most people don't realise just how many parents of profoundly gifted children end up having to pull their children out of school settings and resort to homeschooling. The best and the brightest of our children are suffering from the below average education that most of them are offered.


We need an outreach / identification program for the Highly gifted. Many Universities are already beginning to offer classes to young homeschooled GT children but the local districts in most states do very little to identify these children and to encourage their education. Mostly the parents are left to try and figure out where their child's academic levels are (and most of them have different levels in different subjects), where suitable resources can be found and to figure out how to finance their often expensive curriculum.


School districts need to have a department devoted to homeschoolers that can provide direction and offer texts that might be appropriate for the children according to their abilities.


At the moment the public school system is set up to cater to those falling below the curve and to those within the normal ranges of performance. Until the schools can provide a high level of gifted education the least they should do is offer support to parents who are literally forced to homeschool the children who demand a higher standard of education.


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