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As a high school senior I have numerous suggestions to better our educational system.

1. Getting prepared for college doesn't start in high school, it starts in middle school. I do think we should start preparing students as early as pre-K, but emphasis should begin in middle school. Most students and parents don't realize the fact that what courses the student takes in middle school will determine what high school courses they'll take. Millions are unaware of this and schools need to let students know what they do know will effect their schedule in high school.

2. Give students the ability to take online courses in an affordable way. It costs hundreds of dollars for a student to take an online course. How does that help students who are in poverty to further their education? How does that help any student learn more? That's something I'd love my tax dollars to be spent on.

3. Get up to date. It's 2010 and the technology we have today could save us billions of dollars and better educate our students. Kids today have grown up in a world dominated by modern technology and it's the best style to teach us. We learn more through videos, smart-boards, etc., then through reading a chapter and taking notes. School should be a desirable place and we must make learning a fun and exciting thing. Modern technology in schools will make our students education fun, easier, and cheaper.

4. Put textbooks in a CD format. It'll save ALOT of money and will allow students easy access to their textbooks. For those who don't have a computer then they could go to their local library or school library and have access to their textbooks there.

5. Hire more teachers + construct more classrooms= more jobs, more attention towards the student= better citizen. An educated society is the key to a successful society.



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