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Sanctions for educators

Doctors, Lawyers, Police, Paramedics, Nurses, Dentists, Pharmacy technicians, CPA's, Vehicle drivers, and Businesses just to name a few...face losing their license to practice for their failure to act or perform their duty.


The only profession in the country where a licensed professional is not held accountable for their dereliction of duty is EDUCATION.


When there has been a finding that the school district has denied a disabled child a free and appropriate education (FAPE) under the IDEIA by a hearing officer or court the school district and educators involved should face a fine and face discipline from their licensure board. If a licensed driver does not adhere to a stop sign they are issued a violation and a fine. This violation becomes part of their driving record. How can the education profession not be held accountable for their failure to educate?


We need to establish rules that hold educators accountable. The state and federal government needs to stop inoculating educators so they are immune and protected from punishment.



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