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State University oversight

I Would suggest that a phased in program of limiting federal money for states that decline to put the supervision of their university system in the hands of professional educators or, at the very least elected officials.

Currently, many states have a board of Regents composed of retired business people who Are there as a reward for political support and who serve long enough to collect a pension without making any obvious contribution toward education.

In my particular experience, these med and women are not able to understand the technology they buy and as a result it doesn't work for students while costing taxpayers millions.This, in turn, bleeds off funds the Federal Government sends for student support.

I advocate changes at the University level because the school districts seem to want pattern their organization of the University system. Examine the benefits of a separate Superintendents office for districts with less than 2000 total students. Make funding contingent on school boards actually doing their job.

Finally, an information packet containing all the best practice information from effective school boards should be distributed to every school board in America by the Department of education. Most school board members appear to be single issue public servants and need good information to be able to choose well outside their area of interest.



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