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Technology and Education

Mandate all teachers film their lecture's and distribute them in DVD, and .mpeg format.


Individual video lecture's enable the teacher to focus their time on 1 on 1 teaching instead of practicing their Greek theater.


This allows students to move at a more individualized pace, with the intelligent students graduating high school in a single year.


This requires that school's receive funding not based on attendance, but based on the speed at which they can educate student's to proficiency.


In response to skepticism I prepared the following revision:

Thank you for your comment. I thought about what you said, ultimately though: I disagree.


Normally I come from a place of wanting to nudge the incentives and allow people to naturally solve the rest for themselves, however I think this is what No Child Left Behind attempted to do, and I think the schools essentially threw up their hands in exasperation for lack of means to accomplish the objective and gamed the system. In this way: I think the schools are beyond simple incentive's as they seem to be paralyzed with the tools they have been given.


For this reason, I suggest that a community lecture library be developed by the schools.


Yes: this method of instruction is not ideal for some students.


I say: what method is? Currently the best and brightest are being processed through a system designed to erode away the advantages of a good home to give the disadvantaged an equal chance of success.


As our economy; so goes our education system?


That is unacceptable.


Help the disadvantaged by freeing up the resources to do so!




Stop "helping" those who don't need it, and simply provide them with the means to help themselves.(a video lecture library)


This frees up resources which are currently being spent on disillusioning the talented to be appropriated to the children who actually DO NEED HELP.


That is a compassionate solution that does no harm, is more efficient, and does not weaken our country/deprive our species of the potential for progress!


Yes: the logistics are difficult.


On a scale as large as the Public Education System:

The logistics of changing the color of office paper are difficult!


I am by no means suggesting an unfunded mandate.


I do however think that these logistics problems are easily solvable given people who want to see it work.


Most high schools have an AV Tech program. Local news stations could donate the facilities!


If the concept of spending money on consumer camcorders and tripods is so distasteful, why do we have to worlds most expensive collection of computers sitting idle being used for face book, and internet porn filters?


The beauty of camcorders is they can record more than one person. Several instructors can meet this mandate with access to one camera.


The beauty of video lectures is that the most talented instructors can be an infinite number of places at the same time for no additional money.


Imagine a world where the nations best instructors produced video lectures which were of such high quality, they were democratically elected as the educational standard.


Kids in the projects receiving the same education as the kids in the suburbs! THAT is standardized education!


Now imagine half the school population never needing to attend school. Schools would be transformed from centers of disease propagation, energy consumption, and inefficient use of resources in to colonies of instructors communicating with their students via teleconference.


No more school buses dictating school hours.

No more AC bills

No more massive school construction projects

No more master degree mandates.

No more violence.

No more discipline problems.


Demand for teachers is cut in half, and the demand for tutors increases ten fold. Less education necessary in order to teach, more one on one instruction with the students.


Whatever they are getting at school that they would miss out on via this: they would get better for less money in programs designed specifically to offer it.


Public education is a recent invention. Children were children long before the invention of school books. Using them to progress the evolution of the influenza virus is not a necessary part of their development.


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