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Technology infrastructure to help all schools trending idea

There is so much good technology available, but few school districts have the funds or staffing to support it. A large-scale technology infrastructure -- one that all school districts can access -- would benefit all schools, regardless of size and location.


A national education technology infrastructure could provide many benefits, such as:


* pre-recorded lectures on advanced subjects - currently, many smaller school districts are lacking good teachers in tough subjects (physics, mathematics, etc). Access to online courses will allow small and rural school districts to offer more advanced core classes, as well as specialized classes like robotics.

* Safe use of online tools like Google docs, twitter, YouTube, etc. Some schools use these online resources, but use is often haphazard and risky. Many schools don't allow use of online tools, due to security concerns. However, the right infrastructure can provide safe use of tools (without having to add expensive support personnel).

* A communication link between schools, making inter-school events easier to coordinate.

* A standard communication link between parents, teachers, and students.


To compete globally, our nation needs to ensure our kids are getting the best education in the world. Technology can help provide the tools to make that happen.



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