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Truly Healthy Lunches

Doing away with sugary foods in lunches is a start, but it is not the biggest problem with school lunches! Fresh locally grown food in school lunches should be a priority of the Department of Education. Most school lunches in America consist of heavily processed industrially created food that is often times poorer quality than fast food restaurants.


-The Department of Education should team up with First Lady Michele Obama to encourage schools to buy locally grown FRESH food, from vegetables and fruits to milk and meat.


-Funding should be made available specifically for schools to purchase locally grown food. Schools should be encouraged to put a greater emphasis on cooking food in house, rather than preheating frozen processed food.


-We need to make it just as inexpensive for a school to purchase fresh local food as it is to purchase industrially produced food.


Doing so will tackle the problems of childhood obesity, childhood nutritional deficiencies, as well as reducing the total carbon footprint of schools, and grow local economies by encouraging small farmers and growers (ultimately improving the choices consumers have in the surrounding community).


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