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Working Together: Governments, Businesses, Non-Profits...

Private School Loans and Bankruptcy

I attended a University in Wisconsin fall of 1998.
I ran across this article about Private School Loans and can really relate! I am adding the Link.

I was 18 years old and had no Idea what I was doing let alone signing. I filled a bankruptcy in 2001 and this "loan" should have been discharged due to laws not changing until 2005. I have been... more »


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New Ways of Doing Business, New Tools...

Technology and Education

Department of education should have an equivalent of "Bell labs" developing open source educational tools. The private market may be more efficient, however that includes the science of marking up prices which is a frivolous expense to tax payers and invites corruption of the acquisition process.

An example would be mass produced replacement/retrofit "desk" tops with an LCD screen built in to it under a glass plate.... more »


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